Is my preschooler too young for foreign language study?
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Is my preschooler too young for foreign language study?

Research shows that preschool is the best time to start foreign language instruction.  Of course, preschool and young elementary level French classes don’t look like what you remember from high school.  The activities we do at Language Learners are very similar to those that go on in a typical preschool classroom, only in French! We sing songs, read stories, do arts and crafts, and play games, all at a developmentally appropriate level for your young child.  One thing that sets Language Learners apart from other similar programs is that our classes meet for two hours instead of one.  This is to allow time for snack and free play, both prime times for language development!  When exposed to fluent speakers, young children absorb foreign languages like sponges.  Take advantage of this unique ability that disappears with age and enroll your child today!


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