Possessive Adjectives Song
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Possessive Adjectives Song

One of the best ways to remember something is to sing it!  This past session, one of the things our students learned was how to say my, your, his, her, our, etc. in French.  Since there is a masculine, feminine, and plural form for each possessive adjective, it can get a little complicated…but not to worry!  Even the littlest ones can handle it with a song.

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Home schoolers: A computer-based program may not be enough

As a home school parent, how do you make sure your child has access to a foreign language curriculum, when you don’t speak a foreign language yourself?  Many parents have come to rely on Rosetta Stone and other software-based programs, but those may not truly replace a live teacher.  Language is about human interaction, so rehearsing words and phrases in front of a screen may not be the most effective way for your child to learn.

Consider the following findings from a recent study published in the journal Language Learning & Technology:

– There were problems, even with motivated adult learners, being able to complete the programs due to loss of interest and technological issues.

– The one study participant who was able to complete all the levels, who was an adult learner who already spoke 4 foreign languages fluently (not a child with no experience learning a language), was only able to attain an ACTFL level of novice-high, even though he scored well on all the program’s assessments (p. 123).

-“Companies like…Rosetta Stone continue to advertise themselves as complete solutions to language learning(… )The truth is that learning a language is far from simple(…) Research from self-access centers and online learners indicates that independent language learners require support, guidance, and access to a wide-range of materials and resources in order to benefit from self-study. While CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) products offer increasingly sophisticated graphics and interfaces, they are not yet able to offer an alternative to human support or interaction.

The participants in this study were adult learners eager for the opportunity to use these materials to study a second language. It is unlikely that any future study with these stand-alone products could find a more motivated group of people, and the results indicate that these resources are unlikely to work by themselves. Managers and learners alike should consider them as supplements to instructor-mediated training rather than stand-alone solutions(pp 125-126).”

For the best results, home school parents should turn to a live instructor who can provide the human interaction necessary to acquire a language.  At Language Learners, we provide this in a much smaller setting (2-5 students) that allows for the individualized attention you would give your student at home.

Nielson, K.  “Self-study with Language Learning Software in the Workplace: What Happens?”  Language Learning and Technology, vol. 15, num. 3.  October 2011. http://www.llt.msu.edu/issues/october2011/v15n3.pdf#page=115

Is my preschooler too young for foreign language study?

Research shows that preschool is the best time to start foreign language instruction.  Of course, preschool and young elementary level French classes don’t look like what you remember from high school.  The activities we do at Language Learners are very similar to those that go on in a typical preschool classroom, only in French! We sing songs, read stories, do arts and crafts, and play games, all at a developmentally appropriate level for your young child.  One thing that sets Language Learners apart from other similar programs is that our classes meet for two hours instead of one.  This is to allow time for snack and free play, both prime times for language development!  When exposed to fluent speakers, young children absorb foreign languages like sponges.  Take advantage of this unique ability that disappears with age and enroll your child today!


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Fun with Silly Faces

Just some of the ways we learn vocabulary at Language Learners!

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Days of the Week Song

La chanson des jours de la semaine : Here is a catchy song from a French kids’ show that younger and older kids alike seem to enjoy.  Though they would never admit it, I caught my high school students humming it more than once when they needed to remember their days of the week.  Be careful!  This song will get stuck in your head!




Why Should My Child Learn French? Aren’t Other Languages More Useful?

Learning any second language has many cognitive benefits, so no matter which language you choose for your child, it will never be a waste of time or money.  While it is true that in the United States, your child is more likely to hear Spanish spoken close to home, knowledge of French can increase the professional opportunities that will be available to your child in the future. In the worlds of business, technology, international diplomacy, politics and the arts, the value of French language skills should not be underestimated. There are 60 French-owned firms in Charlotte alone, and many more multi-national firms with offices in French-speaking countries. In the IT field, French is one of the most commonly used languages after English. At the United Nations, although there are six official languages, English and French are considered the only two “working languages”. In an increasingly global economy, your child is likely to actually use the French they learn at some time in their future career.

Here is Business Insider’s recent take on why you should teach your child French:




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